We provide analysis and recommendations guaranteeing barrier-free sales

Product offer content analysis

Category analysis

Price and promotional tactic analysis

Category analysis:

turnover – we will define receipts generated in a given category

sales volumeswe will define product rotation

TOP brandswe will define TOP10 brands in the category

reviewswe will identify weak points of your competitors and suggest how you can stand out in the competitive environment

logisticswe will help you select the right logistic strategy that will boost interest in the offer

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Content analysis:

generationwe will prepare recommendations for offer content, improving its conversion

categorisationthanks to correct “Category Approval” all pre-defined settings will work

presentationwe will propose effective photo and visual motifs for your offer, boosting its effectiveness

indexingwe will ensure proper entry of each key word relevant for the offer to the Amazon algorithm

Price and promotional tactic analysis:

competitive price positioning price tactic analysis for selected competitors and conclusions for your product in the competitive environment

promotion mechanisms what is used in a given sector, what promotional tactics do work

visibilityanalysis of search terms and their potential for traffic in product listings


Analytics is supported by Helium 10 - a tool allowing for product updates and ensuring better descriptions and key words that can directly boost sales.

A tool for analysing categories and competitors, collecting basic and key data for defining the strategy and sales potential.

An app that will define all key words for your and competitive listings, for both organic and sponsored search results.

A tool used to search relevant key words. It will allow for discovering trending search entries and will collect their key parameters.