What does the Amazon launch on the Polish market means for the e-commerce?

Amazon has changed the status quo on nearly every market it entered – first of all by accelerating the growth of the e-commerce segment. When it comes to Poland, Amazon has already made an attempt to get shoppers accustomed to it by proposing its German version, translated into Polish. Now, when it is about to […]

E-commerce trends and challenges in 2021

E-commerce is a sector that is in the process of a permanent change. Each year several new trends emerge to rebuild and further develop it, consequently increasing the level of its competitiveness. And 2021 will be no exception. From the practical point of view, leaving aside such technological trends as further development of AI or […]

Marketplaceme – a new project from the Digitree Group

Marketplaceme is a new project from the Digitree Group. One of its key new growth strategy objectives is to internationalise e-commerce businesses. The new brand is to introduce Polish enterprises to international markets via marketplaces in the 360-service model. We do not limit ourselves to one or two marketplaces. We manage most leading brands in […]