Marketplaceme – a new project from the Digitree Group

Marketplaceme is a new project from the Digitree Group. One of its key new growth strategy objectives is to internationalise e-commerce businesses. The new brand is to introduce Polish enterprises to international markets via marketplaces in the 360-service model. We do not limit ourselves to one or two marketplaces. We manage most leading brands in Europe, with Amazon, eBay, AboutYou, WayFair, Otto, Douglas, Breuninger, Zalando being only several out of 30 sites helping us reach new customers.

In 2020 the share of e-commerce in total sales grew all over the world. In some countries, such as Poland, it increased to a level which in pre-pandemic forecasts was expected to be achieved in several years’ time. At the same time, the share of marketplaces in global e-commerce grows YOY and is estimated to reach 75% in 2023 [Channel Engine, 2020]. But in Poland this form of foreign expansion is still very novel. Hence, Digitree Group has established cooperation with ChannelEngine, one of the most functional and comprehensive solutions designed to integrate and globalise sales channels, creating a new brand called Marketplaceme.

At Marketplaceme it is you and your business that count. We take responsibility for your success because we are a partner that will grow your business in Europe and with us you will reach a broad group of new customers in multiple countries.

How can you benefit from cooperation with Marketplaceme?

  • We will manage the entire process of entering marketplaces – we will provide you with advice and will implement the entire plan.
  • We will manage the project on an ongoing basis via a dedicated marketplace manager.
  • We will take care of all technical and formal aspects, and will handle legal issues, too.
  • We will generate and optimise the content in the form of photos, descriptions or translations.
  • We will introduce changes to listings and product cards.
  • We will audit competitors’ product cards.
  • We will take responsibility for your sales results.

Why do we guarantee success?

Digitree Group is one of the largest e-commerce solution providers in Poland – from platform design through traffic activation to retention tools and marketing automation. The Group offers proprietary technology, tools and data allowing for identifying shoppers’ purchase intent, interests and behaviours. It ensures high effectiveness of services we offer. As the sole ChannelEngine partner in Poland, we offer access to most leading marketplaces in Europe and we comprehensively approach your sales on foreign markets. We have vast experience in e-commerce with Fast White Cat, the most experienced Magento2 partner in Poland, responsible for the introduction of e-stores for 4f, Kontigo, Quoisque, but also with the search engine successfully generating e-commerce traffic and sales. Furthermore, our Group includes companies stemming from the digital sector and domestic leaders of e-mail marketing. They build and develop the online advertising sector.