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Multi-marketplace dashboard

One tool to monitor multiple marketplaces

For marketplace sellers & agencies with many accounts

  • Many on the same marketplace Like 5 eBay stores
  • Many across different marketplaces Like Walmart, eBay & Amazon
  • Many across different geographies  Like Amazon UK, US & AU

Save 350+ hours a year

2k pro sellers and agencies save 1-2 hours every day with less admin

5 Star Customer Review

Single dashboard for all your selling accounts

View the performance of all your marketplace selling accounts in a single dashboard. Eliminate the need to access each of your seller accounts individually to get the data you need.

Avoid VPNs and remote desktops

Our direct and secure API integration with the world’s leading marketplaces provide you with the information you need without logging onto marketplace seller accounts. Hook up multiple Amazon and eBay stores all within the same geography with ease.

Drill down on everything

Designed by professional marketplace sellers, our intuitive and drillable dashboards cover all aspects of your business including sales, operations, customer service and seller health.

Easy to use insights reports

Our simple reporting engine gives you quick and easy access to insights that can take hours to prepare. Avoid the inaccuracies of manual reporting and enjoy insights at your fingertips.

Most Popular Reports

  • Top Sellers & Worst Sellers 
  • Account & Seller Health 
  • Amazon Buy Box Performance
  • eBay Item Specifics Diagnostics

Connect Every Marketplace, Everywhere In Seconds

Connect all major marketplace platforms including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify and more across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. 

Streamline Your Selling Across All Geographies

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Connect up to 2 stores

Global Amazon region connectivity

Connect multiple Amazon stores

Custom date range reporting

Multi currency

Connectivity to 100+ marketplaces

Dedicated success manager

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The greatest value


All basic features

Connect up to 5 stores

Dedicate onboarding

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All standard features

Connect up to 12 stores

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Amazon PPC manager

Store & product profit

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